Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Lord of Assets Triforce

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about my vision for the Lord of Assets blog. Clearly I'm playing EVE now, but the blog has it's roots in World of Warcraft. I started the blog with the idea of addressing the management of assets in a group setting within a MMO. Really I just wanted a place to talk about my guild and the role they played in my gaming experience. Now I realize that is a very vague idea so let me expand upon this different parts of that idea.

That statement can be broken into 3 parts: assets, groups and MMOs. I will address each aspect of the Lord of Assets 'triforce' individually. On a side-note you should all look at the Google image results for triforce; several of them are quite interesting.

ASSETS: An asset can be anything of perceived value to the player. Generally this is a reference to in-game currency that can be traded for goods or services within the confines of the game. I have recently expanded the definition to include time spent and entertainment received.

GROUPS: A groups is a collection of individuals that are united in purpose. I'm using the term to refer to my guild (in WoW) or my corporation (in EVE). Again, this concept can be expanded to included players in general that adhere to a similar game-play style. You might even expand the definition even further to include all gamers, or nerds in general.

MMO: I have already talked about this, in-depth, in some previous posts (MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online games). Both WoW and EVE are MMOs but the term is also being expanded to include iPhone/iPad apps and games that utilize social networking like Facebook or Twitter. For now I intend to mainly focus on the larger, subscription based MMOs but as you saw in my Wonders of PLEX post the way we pay and play these game is changing. Who knows what the future holds for the MMO market.

Getting back to my vision for the blog; I hope to post about MMOs, market strategies for making in-game currency and about the guild dynamic in gaming today. I just don't enjoy single player games as much as multiplayer games. And there are no bigger multiplayer games than MASSIVELY Multiplayer Online games. There is something about player involvement and the community at large that appeals to me. I also like the economic side of a player driven market.

How about consistency? I'm not very good at making consecutive posts or making 'X' number of posts per week. I'm working on this. I'm sure that you can see the 10 month gap in posts from January to November. I'm trying to combat this by getting ahead of the blog by starting several different posts over the weekend and then releasing them as I finish them throughout the week. I have 4 posts in progress right now, and I'm trying to work ahead and think of topics to cover that can keep the blog heading in the direction I want.

What do you want? I want to consider what a reader would like to see; and how I can best provide this. So please leave a comment or send me an email and tell me what you would like to hear about. Cheers!

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