Friday, December 2, 2011

Old Man Star 0.3

I had a pretty interesting trip into the Old Man Star system on Wednesday and it resulted in me being podded twice. I went into the system to do some scanning and I was hoping to find a radar site or a hidden asteroid field to mine. I did find many anomalies but no sites to hack or mine. I found a couple of Gallente Outposts which I decided to explore.

I wasn't podded twice on Wednesday but once on the first trip and a second time on a goofed salvage operation a few days later. This picture is a screen shot from when I was fighting the separatist pirates. I did not get podded by the pirates, but by a player who was camping the acceleration gate I needed to warp through to get to the pirates.

When I was fighting the pirates I had to warp away to my safe-spot and repair my armor and recharge my shields. I was going back for my 3rd trip to fight the last pirate and that's when the gate camper picked me off. I still have a lot to learn about pvp in EVE since I seem pretty easy to kill to a veteran player. Oh well...

Then I went back 3 days later to pick up some minerals I bought for ship production. Once I jumped into Old Man Star I found 3 ships waiting for me. I was still cloaked since I had just arrived, but once I engaged my warp drive to head to the signature I had bookmarked the shot me out of the sky immediately. I should have just jumped back through the wormhole, rather than trying to warp to another location in the system. I then tried to save my pod but that was destroyed not 2 seconds later. This marks the third time in a week that I have been podded in Old Man Star. I'm just having bad luck in this system. I really need to stop going there.

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