Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Mom was Right

I hate to admit that I may have been wrong, but I just realized that my Mom was right. In college I was an art major, so basically I took the low road and slacked off a bit my freshman and sophomore years. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not implying that all art majors are lazy and more interested in life experiences than getting good grades and going to class but I certainly fit the bill during my first two years of undergraduate college. But I did do much better, grade-wise, in graduate school.

I got a business minor and now I seem obsessed with game that simulate economy, asset management and acquisition of currency. It's funny because I have never been that interested with these activities in the real world. But somehow, doing mindless tasks in a video game is less strenuous that doing the same thing in real life.

I have dabbled in the stock market, mostly in my retirement funds, but I have not had much success in that matter. But I never seem as interested in researching actual companies and their activities as I have in moving minerals and trade goods from station to station in the EVE universe. I realize that this makes for more questions than answers and they are all questions about myself and my motivations. Hmm...

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