Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 in 2012 WTF

Just heard about this crazy challenge from Effy's blog. You can find a link to Effraeti's RP blog in my blogroll to the right. So 2012 levels in 2012, is that even possible? At first I say "hell no" but after a bit more thought I think, probably not but ... maybe.

That challenge has been put forth from JD Kenada at Amateur Azerothian. Here is a link that explains the rules in full. I suggest you at least give it a look and decided if it is for you.

I have however decided to post an update because this sounds like fun. If only I had not went crazy last week and deleted several of my characters to make room for some Alliance toons. So here is a spreadsheet with my progress thus far. 336 out of 2012 is only 16.7%. Not too surprised there.

Name Server Class Race Level
Chuckem Demon Soul Mage Blood Elf 85
Chuckita Demon Soul Paladin Blood Elf 44
ChuckMAN Demon Soul ShaMAN Goblin 26
Ottochuck Demon Soul Druid Tauren 16
Gwynstacy Demon Soul Hunter Night Elf 11
Gluug Earthen Ring Death Knight Orc 70
Dachuck Earthen Ring Priest Troll 25
Augustember Earthen Ring Shaman Troll 2
Kalchuck Kel'Thuzad Rouge Human 32
Dunncan Kel'Thuzad Warrior Worgen 1
Augustember Kel'Thuzad Shaman Draenei 1
Nochuck Kel'Thuzad Paladin Dwarf 1
Ottochuck Kel'Thuzad Death Knight Draenei 8
Alkala Vashj Rouge Human 4
Huntermary Vashj Hunter Goblin 4
Gnowangie Vashj Priest Gnome 3
Oonoreen Vashj Paladin Dwarf 3
Total: 336


  1. LOL Welcome aboard! I was having a grand time leveling toons this weekend. I have a process I use. :) I am trying to change it up some with my Shaman and Warrior, though. I am going to try (da da da...) questing! Usually I only make it to about 15 or 20 on quests.

    We shall see.

    ~ Effy

  2. I'm actually writing a post now about working on my Lore Master achievement. I usually don't quest much but I'm enjoying it on the Alliance side. I have been playing Horde so long that the quests seem fresh to me. I'm up to level 32 and I have 3/16 lore master achievements in the Eastern Kingdom. A long way to go, lol.

  3. That sounds pretty cool, but I would never try it. I have a few alts but I could never have that many and I don't have the time to level them. Good luck.