Monday, January 23, 2012

I played a bit of Alliance

I played a bit of Alliance over the weekend. It started a slew of character deleting and creation that I had not intended. I have been trying to lessen the amount of characters I have for awhile since I logon and stare at the character selection screen trying to decide who to play. I want no decision, just logon and hit the enter realm button.

I first trimmed down my Horde characters on Demon Soul from 9 to 4. Then I rolled an Alliance rouge on Kel'Thuzad to hang with my guildies who were rolling alts there. That spawned an afternoon of character deletion and creation that I was not prepared for.

I had rolled a few Alliance characters earlier this months with the thought of working on 'The Loremaster' achievement but I rolled them on Demon Soul. Demon Soul is where Chuckem and all of my Horde characters are located. I have since deleted all but Gwynstacy, my Night Elf Hunter. Currently my plan is to use Gwynstacy to quest and complete each Loremaster achievement, zone by zone. I had thoughts of moving her to Kel'Thuzad but I now realize that would cause me to rush her to 85 like every other character. Since no one plays Alliance on Demon Soul I have no rush to get her there and can take my time working towards Loremaster.

The basis for the move to Kel'Thuzad was the amount of players there. I guess that Kel'Thuzad is a big PvP server as well. I enjoy PvP but I'm not a very experienced PvP player. My guild has come to the consensus that Demon Soul is a dying server. There is hardly anyone on and it makes it hard to meet people to run an instance or raid. This is one of the big reasons I started playing Gluug on Earthen Ring. I'm now trying to balance my characters to have only one of each race/class. This is because I would never want to level another Mage to 85; therefore I feel like it would be a waste to level multiple alts of each class. If I want to play a DK I'll play Gluug on Earthen Ring. If I want to try a Rouge I should be playing Alliance on Kel'Thuzad. This proved to be a bit more challenging than I intended.

So here is a list of my current characters, race, class, and level (sorted by server):
Chuckem -- Blood Elf, Mage (lvl 85)
Chuckita -- Blood Elf, Paladin (lvl 44)
ChuckMAN -- Goblin, ShaMAN (lvl 26)
Ottochuck -- Tauren, Druid (lvl 16)
Gwynstacy -- Night Elf, Hunter (lvl 11)

Gluug -- Orc, Death Knight (lvl 70)
Dachuck -- Troll, Priest (lvl 25)

Kalchuck -- Human, Rouge (lvl 9)
Dunncan -- Worgen, Warrior (lvl 1)
Augustember -- Draenei, Shaman (lvl 1)
Nochuck -- Dwarf, Paladin (lvl 1)

You will notice if you study this list a bit that I have no Undead or Gnomes. I also don't have a Warlock. Dunncan is filling the role of Worgen and Warrior because I currently do not play either. I also just plugged in Nochuck as a Paladin because I like Dwarfs and I think every Dwarf should wear plate. If Worgens could be Paladins then Duncann and Nochuck would probably be switched. Augustember showed up because my original WoW character was a female Draenei Paladin and I wanted another female Draenei. None of this was intended, but after screwing around for hours trying to get my characters sorted this is how it turned out. It all happened because I rolled Kalchuck on Kel'Thuzad.

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