Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cruckson Family Crest

Here is the finished design for the Cruckson family crest. My family, through my wife's relatives, have a big family reunion every 4 years. The family is divided into 3 different branches of the family tree: Bessie, Emerson and Rueben.

Here is the design that I came up with. It will be used on the invitations, letterhead, cookbook and on the t-shirts. I tried to incorporate the different branches into a color scheme that showed the theme of this years reunion, mixing it up. The point of these reunions is to meet family members that we may never see otherwise and to have the mixing of the different clans. Hopefully this is apparent in the colored branches each having leaves of a different branch color represented.

I also used an old family crest to base the design on that had a blue/white partition design with the head of a falcon. I tried to modernize the design without changing the core elements. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. This is really the first original thing that I have made in Adobe Illustrator since I began taking a graduate class on the program this semester.

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