Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anti Iron-man

That's right, I'm Anti Iron-man and proud of it. Now I'm not talking about the superhero (because who doesn't love Tony Stark) but the WoW Iron-man challenge. It just seems like a giant waste of time, when players could be getting their characters raid ready or leveling alts for the coming expansion. Here is a link to the official rules of the challenge.

It seems like everyone in the WoW community is looking for a way to make the game harder, or more dynamic to level. I agree that after you have done the same zone 4-5 times is gets pretty old but doing it to just make it more of a grind is just silly. Now I may not be the typical WoW blogger because I only have one, level 85 character but I don't really have the time (or ongoing interest) to have a stable full. It took me over a year to get Chuckem to 85, actually close to two years. I will admit that I get distracted to I took breaks for weeks at a time, and that I rolled several alts along the way, but I just can't imagine doing this without the help of enchants, buffs, Purples, Blues or Greens.

I'm sorry but that is just crazy. Playing with just white/grey equipment, or even just greens, is stupid. The best part of a long form game like WoW is the gear. If you are stuck just wearing any crap that drops, how are you supposed to progress?

And without a guild, how does that work? Maybe I just don't see the appeal because it won't work for me, but if there are people out there who want to try ... who am I to stop them. The point of a MMO is to socialize with your friends, your guildies. I just don't see the appeal of trying to solo it again.

If anyone out there is trying this, please let me know what is driving you to walk this path?


  1. *innocent look*

    What's that about "waste of time challenges?"


    I calls `em like I sees `em. Don't mean I ain't a glutton for punishment.

    (though, I'll only tackle Iron Man if I finish the 2012 first)

  2. Lol, you have me there.

    But you had better believe that I'm going to use greens, blues, heirlooms and whatever I can to help my toons progress. Usually the first thing I do is buy them 4 big bag for all their vendor trash and maybe send them some potions as well. There is no way I could do it without the advantages the game has built in for me.

    It's just that the Iron-man challenge is getting so much press and I don't understand why.