Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Shiny Axew named Chuck

I wanted to take a look at specific Pokemon of mine and explain how I plan to grow them, EV them and then us them in my game. I thought this might be a fun addition to the blog. I plan on doing posts about every major 'mon I use in my current Pokemon Black game.

I got this printout from Pokecheck, a fake-GTS stat recorder. I have included a link in the name for your convince. I have found this website VERY useful for checking the stats, IVs and EVs of my 'mons. It was also valuable when configuring my pprng program as I needed my SID and had no way to get it. I highly suggest using Pokecheck for anyone interested in breeding or RNG'ing their Pokemon.

I think that it is important to note the date that the egg was received/hatched. As you can see the egg was both received and hatched on October 12th, 2012 (a date in the future). I have beenworking on RNG training my Pokemon. There are several useful tutorials available out there and I may write a post about it in the future but for now I will entertain myself with talking about my current 'mons.

Chuck is the first of my RNG'ed 'mon who I have to EV trained and plan to level up for my team. I plan on creating a series of trained 'mons with maxed IV stats and EV'ed to taste for mycompetitive team. Silly thing is that I do not currently competitively battle in Pokemon. Maybe once I have a full team I will.

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