Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RNG'ed some Shines

I just wanted to make a post to say I was finally successful at RNG'ing some shines over the weekend. My first was a female Woobat with the wrong IV'ed stats, but shiny never the less. Then I went on to catch a 3 Mienfoos. Lastly I was able to egg breed 3 shiny Axews but with the wrong natures. But it was still major progress. Here is some info on the 3 different types of pokes I was able to RNG.

Male Axew from Egg

Nickname (if applicable): Chuck

IV's: 28/31/23/31/31/31

Nature: Quiet

EV'd or UT: UT lvl 1

Shiny/Not Shiny: Shiny

Female Woobat lvl 37

Nickname (if applicable): Mandy

IV's: 31/31/31/29/3/13

Nature: Naive

EV'd or UT: UT

Shiny/Not Shiny: Shiny

Female Mienfoo lvl 39

Nickname (if applicable): Amy

IV's: 30/31/31/28/29/31

Nature: Hardy

EV'd or UT: UT

Shiny/Not Shiny: Shiny


Black FC: 1721 5916 5276

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