Monday, February 13, 2012

A Krookodile named Hook

Here is the 3rd installment ofDokemun's Party. Today we will be discussing my Krookodile affectionately named Hook. Like the crocodile in Peter Pan. His is surprisingly fast.

Now it is time to talk about the IVs of my Krookodile. This was actually one of the first 'mons I ever EV trained. At the time I know very little about IVs and I had no idea how to accuratelycheck them. Now that I can clearly see his IVs I'm quite impressed with just how fast Hook is. I was lucky to find a Sandie with a high, natural speed. I'm also pretty satisfied with his 22 attack and 26 special attack.

I think that it is important for my team to have a quick, dark 'mon to counter any psychic Pokemon I may encounter. As you can see I have EV trained my Krookodile in speed and I don't expect many 'mons to act before Hook. Since his speed EV is raised by 252 he is truly one of the fastest 'mons I have.

I also EV trained his attack by 254 on top of an IV of 22. It's not topped out, but it is definitelyrespectable. As you can also see his attacks are all physical in nature. I have considered replacing swagger with a special attack but for now I'll keep him as a physical sweeper. I also like having bulldoze, which gets Hook out of the way when I use surf in a doubles match. That has come in handy with my current doubles team. More on that later.

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