Monday, February 20, 2012

My Blog is Changing

My blog, much like my life, is changing. I have been busy with work, school and parenting but that is really not an excuse. I have been getting distracted by side projects (as usual) and that has lead to less playing of WoW. If I play WoW less then I write about it less. Everything in my life goes in cycles like this.

So, I have decided instead of having 4-5 websites running at the same time I am going to consolidate my posts to just this blog. The other sites will remain (for now) but I will basically link them to here for the current updates. I hope that this adds to the flavor of the site, making it more personal, rather than taking away from my core audience (of like 3 followers). ;)

What that means for the Lord of Assets blog is that you will start to see several different kinds of posts. Some will still be about WoW, MMOs and gaming in general but you will also start to see posts about my artwork, my family, Pokemon (or Dokemun), complaints about life in general and whatever other little nuggets I can come up with. So please stay with me as these changes take place, cheers!

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