Monday, February 6, 2012

Pokemon, who plays that?

I play Pokemon.

I play with my 5-year old daughter, but I don't' just play because my daughter is interested. My daughter plays because I'm interested. But now she is really interested and that is fueling my interest in the game. Does that make sense?

I enjoy RGPs and bringing the game with me in the hand-held variety is definitely a plus. I also collect things like comic books, trading cards, action figures and whatnot so collecting Pokemon was not that much of a stretch. It turns out that the strategy of the game, while based on a simple concept, is pretty complex with 19 different types and hybrids creating thousands of combinations.

I think that one of the biggest things that brought me into it was playing over wifi with people from around the world. It basically makes Pokemon a MMO. Not in the same way as WoW or EVE but it becomes a multiplayer experience. You could argue that this is no different than xBox Live for the 360 but I feel that this is a little different. On Live you get into giant 16 player battles but you don't get the same sort of 1-on-1 gaming experience. I guess that you could, but not in the games I play on Live. I guess it is exactly the same. Anyway, give me a shout out if you also like Pokemon.

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