Thursday, December 6, 2012

Soloing the Lich King

Just found this video on youtube last night.  It is a level 85 Death Knight soloing the Lich King.  For those of you paying attention, I play a DK who is off-specialization is Blood.  But I have never even gotten close to a Lich King kill.  This has got me thinking that maybe I can gear up a bit and try this for myself.  I would love to have the Kingslayer title floating above my head.

I can see it now, Gluug the Kingslayer, has a nice ring to it.  Or does it go Kingslayer Gluug...

I began looking at videos like this because of a post on about a level 80 DK who soloed a level 85, 25-man raid boss.  That is just ridiculous.  Anyway, enjoy the videos great followers of mine.

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