Friday, January 14, 2011

Dear Frost Nova

You are a reliable spell that I have used many time to save my meager mage life. I cannot count the number of times that you have rooted enemies and kept them from beating my soft and squishy skin senseless. But I have noticed that in the new zone in Cataclysm you no longer work reliably. When I'm swimming around Vashj'ir I constantly get attacked from above or below by various viscous sea critters. My first instinct is to frost nova and then blink to safety before turning around to smite my attacker.

But for some reason when I frost
nova in the ocean it comes with mixed results. I may catch the attacker if he came from the same level as me, but if the attacker is from above or below they seem unaffected by my root. I'm usually so disoriented by the blink underwater, and the enemies can swim much faster that me, so I hardly have time to turn around before I'm being crushed again. I'm squishy and all wet, and I can't take a hit like this. Why has such a reliable spell like frost nova been made useless underwater? WHY???

My favorite is when I frost nova and instead of my
assailant I root the 4 fish swimming by. Then once the root has worn off and I just barely survived my assault 4 angry fish come swimming my way. Apparently fish don't like being frozen any more than the naga. Also, shouldn't ice float. Why don't the frozen fish (or naga) float to the surface of the ocean after I nova'ed them. That would make my fleeing for safety a lot easier. I remember from physics that ice floats.

Moreover, if I cast Ice Block I would like to float to the top of the ocean in
Vashj'ir. Is it too much to ask the WoW follows the laws of physics? Ice floats, why shouldn't any ice that I make in the water float as well. Why don't giant blocks of ice in the ocean float? Please fix this immediately, your friendly neighborhood mage, Chuckem!

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