Monday, January 10, 2011

Goblin Night

I want to introduce you to an event that my guild, Morningstar, has been participating in. It is the gathering of young goblins from our guild to work towards leveling, guild achievements and most importantly guild togetherness. It has been the most fun I have had in WoW in a while, and we are doing it with lowly level 15 characters.
This event took place last night and was the first goblin night of the new year. We had just dinged level 15 and we were going to run our first instance as a guild. This picture was of all of us before we entered the portal to Ragefire Chasm. It is the first instance on the horde side and is located in the basement of Orgrimmar. You will notice that even though we were level 15 and had the ability to que for the dungeon finder we decided to walk into the portal for the first one together.

Later that same night we ran Shadowfang Keep which is located in Silverpine Forest. Shadowfang proved to
be a little bit too high for our lowly level 16-17 characters but we did manage to clear all the content until the final boss. We will go back and take the Keep once we have leveled a bit more.

The best part about goblin night is that we are doing things together as a guild. I think that is what makes goblin night so much fun. As far as I know, this was the first time that an entire party of five characters from Morningstar have ever grouped for anything. Granted I have only been in the guild for about a year so it is possible that it has happened before. But for clarity I'm just going to claim that this was the first time. Its not that we don't play well together, its just that our guild is small and really only has 5 core members. We are recruiting so if you happen to have a toon on Demon Soul, or want to roll a new goblin there, just send me a message and we will get you in. Be warned, we don't allow asshats in our guild.

This picture is of our party just inside the first few rooms of Shadowfang Keep. I'm not sure if we had just cleared the first boss, or were getting ready to, but I thought it was a nice screenshot that showed the whole group all together.


  1. No asshats? This is the worst kind of discrimination...the kind against me!

    Nice blog Chuck!

  2. Jeff, you are the furthest thing from an asshat! Your like an un-asshat, and that's really hard to say out loud.