Monday, January 24, 2011

The many faces of Chuck in WoW

I like to name things after myself. First there was this cat I picked
up in a garage sale in Pennsylvania. I named her Charlie. Then there
was my first website, and the corresponding email
addresses (and twitter handle). I have since moved on to other names
like cupofchuck and Lord of Assets (which is just another reference to

Moreover, I like to name characters in WoW after me. Who wants to be

named something long, hard to pronounce and even harder to spell. My
name is awesome! I just wanted to share all of my character names on
the Demon Soul server.

My first horde character was actually an orc hunter named Dachuck.

Then there is Chuckem, Ottochuck, Franklynn, Nochuck, Chuckman,
Warchuck, Chuckita and Barnabee. There is another one as well, but I
can't remember the name right now.

Chuckem is my main, a level 82 mage. Ottochuck is my bank alt and a

level 9 druid. Franklynn is a troll rouge (maybe level 12 now).
Nochuck is my orc DK who is at level 64. ChuckMAN is my shaMAN and my
first gobin character. WARchuck is my goblin WARlock (who I should
have named Chucklock, lol). Chuckita (like the banana) is my undead
priest and Barnabee is a troll warrior who I made to do the new troll
starting area. I thought my readers might enjoy how I name my alts.

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