Thursday, January 16, 2014

I've done something...

I have done something bad, or maybe good, but something I have not done in awhile.  I re-subbed for World of Warcraft.  This on the heals of changing the direction of my blog away from it's MMO roots, I went and subscribed to the MMO that started it all.  Let me be clear, I'm not changing Lord of Assets back to a MMO blog, but I thought it was worth noting.

So it started when my 7-year old daughter kept asking me to play that game on my computer where she could make a person and explore.  I have spent several hours with my daughter just flying around on my mounts and showing her Azeroth.  I had not played in almost a year, and I was not looking to subscribe again so I created a new "free to level 20" account for her to use.  Having a free account obviously comes with some restrictions.  The most important of which is that she didn't have access to my wealthy level 85 characters and their many different mounts.

Starting at level 1 again, with no money and little ability for transportation was a bit restrictive for me.  We did play for several hours but mainly just walked around the starting zone and leveled slowly from level 1 to level 5.  This was enough to make me nostalgic for my high level characters who I had not seen in almost a year.  It's sort of like catching up with an old friend you haven't talked to in a long time.

I contacted a few guildies to have someone send me a Scroll of Resurrection so I could take advantage and get 1 character boosted to level 80.  Unfortunately, I had not been away long enough to qualify for the Scroll.  After dreaming about which character I was going to boost for a few day (and then being let down when I found out I couldn't) I bit the bullet and forked over my 15 bucks.

No regrets here, I have maybe spent 5-6 hours in-game at this point trying to get to know my characters again as well as re-learning their abilities.  I still don't have a level 90, so that is on my to-do list, but I actually found myself spending the most time with a level 25 priest who was left in Ashenvale.  I will be getting back to playing Gluug in MoP but for now I'm just leveling away with my troll priest Dachuck in Earthen Ring.  He is level 28 now, by the way.  Cheers!

P.S.  It's my birthday today.  The Lord of Assets is now 33.

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